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At Craftwear Equestrian we offer a professional clipping service throughout the Midlands.  We have a selection of clippers available to use and can run off electricity or battery power to suit your requirements.  We have some very quiet clippers for nervous horses.  With over 20 years of clipping experience within the business we pride ourselves in our work.

Please give us a call on 01543 270 143 to book your horse in for a clip or email us on

We can take the £5.00 deposit over the phone from a credit or debit card or we can email an invoice to your email address.

Clipping Charges

Neck & Belly Clip (No Head) - £18.00

Chaser Clip (Low) - £20.00

Chaser Clip (Medium) - £21.50

Chaser Clip (High) - £23.00

Trace Clip - £25.00

Blanket Clip - £27.50

Hunter Clip - £32.00

Full Clip - £45.00

Trimming Charges

Hogging Mane - £7.50

Tail Pulling - £10.00

Mane Pulling - £15.00

Leg Trim (Upto the knee) - £15.00

Full Trim - £18.50

Full Head - £5.00 extra on clip price